Firm Welcomes Senior Counsel Ridgely Jackson

Harris Winick Harris LLP Welcomes Seasoned Construction Transaction and Litigation Counselor, Ridgely Jackson

May 2022

Before joining Harris Winick Harris LLP (“HWH”) as Senior Counsel, Ms. Jackson was an associate and then senior attorney at one of the world’s largest law firms. During that time, she also taught at Loyola University Chicago School of Law as an Adjunct Instructor in legal writing. Ms. Jackson also served a summer internship at the nationally known civil rights firm, the Southern Poverty Law Center, in Montgomery, Alabama. Ms. Jackson is well-versed in the legal issues involved in construction projects in the U.S. including mixed-use high-rise complexes, condominium developments, hotels, shopping centers, medical centers, resorts, golf courses, and educational facilities. She also has drafted construction and design contracts for housing and community projects in Sri Lanka and South Africa. Ms. Jackson has experience with accessibility requirements and compliance, including the Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design and the Fair Housing Accessibility Guidelines.

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