Firm Welcomes Associate Sean Higgins

Sean Higgins Joins Harris Winick Harris LLP

February 2022

Sean Higgins joined Harris Winick Harris LLP (“HWH”) as an associate in early 2022. Sean began his career at a boutique law firm on the East Coast where his practice focused on construction law, public contracts, and commercial litigation. While practicing on the East Coast, Sean litigated a residential condominium dispute over leaks stemming from common elements to a six-figure settlement and managed all aspects of litigation across three states against two judgment debtors that attempted to shelter assets to defeat their creditors. Sean received a Bachelor of Arts with high distinction in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Michigan and a minor in business administration from the Ross School of Business. Sean then earned a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Michigan Law School in December 2017. He is currently admitted to practice in Illinois and New York and is a welcome addition to the firm’s complex commercial and construction litigation departments.

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